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Visibility for Visionaries - Online Social Media Slay

Whether you like it or not, social media is the currency of our lives. And how you decided to use this power or lose it - is completely up to you.

Have big blocks around being seen on the internet?

Let me teach you how to conquer today's digital landscape like a total boss. Visibility for Visionaries is online learning party that I created to inspire even the most stubborn, overwhelmed and confused social media users how to slay the online arena in order to amplify their message, mission and magic.

Spend a few weeks confronting your worst internet-fears, cackling like a hyena, dancing in a sea of epiphanies and being in the raddest company, all in the name of learning what the hell it feels like to take up space in your body, in your beliefs and in your convictions. I will teach you how to successfully command space on social media in order to get the people you care about, to care about you!

  • Challenge & remodel your current relationship social media
  • Obliterate your obsession with numbers, followers, likes and fans to make way for meaning + impact
  • Demystify and debunk social media myths
  • Cultivate a unique confidence and give yourself permission to shine
  • Anchor your conviction in self-affirmed belief
  • Learn how to captivate an audience and command attention from those you want it from
  • Create killer content
  • Find out how I combine strategy AND soul to combat social media formulas & their limiting status quo

Forget what you've heard - today's the day you ditch every formula you've been taught and start to reap the rewards of what social media can do for your business, brand or cause.

Be seen, get heard and do it in freaking style, in the company of other crusaders hell bent on changing the world.

"I went into Angela's social media slay-den hopeful I might be able to switch over some of my long-held, and what felt like deeply-rooted opinions about social media, and where I stand with it. My opinions being, things such as; it was not a good thing, it was bringing us away from being human, it was dangerous at times, it cheapened my brand, it felt sleazy, and it was a waste of time activity for those willing to be vain enough to add to the problem of fake lives and portrayed perfection. (Yes! Strong opinions!) But, I love Angela, I trust her, I believe in her, and I knew if anyone could give me something deeper than "Make your grid look pretty and post at these times fo the day" it was her.

Well, wasn't I slayed to bits. In the best way. Firstly, the course is mostly NOT about perfection, but about dismantling human behaviour and rhythms, our belief systems, our fears, and the importance of using your voice - all directly pointing in completely the opposite direction of staying away from what I perceived to be the problem. The problem was me. Not social media. How I was relating to it, and NOT adding to it. But I'll let Ange blow your mind with those specifics herself when you tell her everything you think is a good reason for hiding out.

Since SMS, I'm all over it! Social media is something I now use to be a force for positive change, truth, and a light in the world, on top of sharing a business. This work is so much more deeply rooted in human connection and psyche than vain attempts at popularity. I'm so grateful. I feel confident alive and inspired to share and make a difference, and completely in awe of the way Angela delivered something that seems so simple in such a deep way.

THANKYOU. You are a world-changer, Angela."

Join me for an online social media training I designed specifically to blow your mind in the best way possible AND get you the results you want & need.

This social media training is for EVERY TYPE OF ASS SHAKING, GAME CHANGING, MOVE MAKING entrepreneur. If you've got big dreams - I want to see you here.

Your investment includes access to the entire online program - a series of easy to watch (and even easier to enjoy!) video modules that will demystify the wildness of the online world (especially Instagram), all the while learning the sexy inside scoop on how I slay my own social media.

The online course could be completed within 2 weeks if you're feeling feisty - how long it take you to action it will depend on how you get out of your own damn head and onto the interweb, instead.

The early score investment is 599$ Australian kangaroo dollars but that will hop on up to 999$ March 1st.