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Perth 2019 Payment Plan

Join me in Perth November 1st - 10th 2019

This training can be described + divided into a few parts....

  • Exploration of what a Doula is and what the Doula does as gatekeeper of thresholds and frontline of the (inner and out of body rebellion)
  • Modelling what the Doula is by being the Doula to you, for the duration of this training
  • Deep self-excavation that earns the rite of soul-role as Doula, and not just a piece of paper that claims it as 'certified'
  • Rebirthing yourself (creating the necessary inner & external landscape before being able to truly hold space & the hands of those traveling major catalyst moments)
  • Bleed, creation, gestation, birth, postpartum, maternal health, medical context and systems responsible for current culture, language + lens to understand navigate it all, child rearing, identity-death, relationship & dynamic shifts, mother/parenthood + maga + crone - each of these discovered in the Hawke eye of the Dynamo Doula
  • Holding vision, meaning to your body of work, activism & advocacy
  • Integral business strategy, uniquely acquired, tested + true - delivered to you, by ME
  • Vast amounts of inspiration and insight that leaves you no other choice but to be moved to brilliant new heights and the best version of you

The Doula training of yours dreams has landed this side of your pillow!!! Come as a birth nerd, leave a #wombwarrior.

What People Are Saying:

“I’m hoping I can convey in to words exactly what is happening in my mind and body right now. I spent the weekwith Angela Gallo, attending both her Dynamo Doula Training and Social Media Slay workshop and I can honestly say that I walked away a different person. I walked away a person in her power and ready to uncover the courage that I’d been hiding from for so long. I don’t know how to describe it but Angela’s training is like no other…she has a magic that transcends in to every cell of your body, wakes up the parts that have been sleeping and gives them an ever so gentle slap. At the training, I admitted that I have a fear of being in front of the camera, in particular, being filmed. It makes me freeze up all over, forget where I am and forget everything going on in my head. This is detrimental to my business. I know it. But I’d never faced my fears and have always played it safe behind the camera. The workshop finished on Sunday, Monday morning my passion was brimming when I created an online petition which has since received 9,000+ signatures and national coverage. This morning, I was interviewed live on the Today Show about the petition. No script, no prompts. I stepped in to my power and got in front of the camera! Yes I was terrified but my courage and power overcame the fear. Without a doubt, I would NEVER have done that if I hadn’t spent the time training with Angela. If you’re on the fence about your power, if you’re on the fence about your passion, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you have a voice and if anyone is going to listen, sign up for in person events. You will not regret it. ”

Michelle Palasia